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Whitebeam is now available under a BSD style licence
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Use your client-side JavaScript and DOM on the server. Whitebeam allows developers to use the same technologies on the client and on the server.

Released in 2001 and in continuous development since then, Whitebeam is a mature technology solving real-world problems. See who's using Whitebeam!

18th April 2019
New!, Version 1.3.36 It's been a while now since the last update. This release contains a number of minor new enhancements along with a batch of bug fixes.

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The Whitebeam architecture integrates two popular and robust Open Source platforms - Apache and Mozilla's SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine - with it's own powerful XML environment and security architecture. The XML environment provides both event driven and DOM based manipulation of XML trees along with the powerful XPath querying language - all controlled via simple server-side JavaScript interface.

Whitebeam provides an extensible XML based interface to back end objects on any platform, the client model securely segregates thousands of customer applications within a single server. Interfaces currently exist to Postgres, SMTP (email), HTTP (via libcurl to access SOAP etc) and to LibGD, providing image manipulation

Building and Installing Whitebeam

Full instructions on how to build Whitebeam and get the basic service running can be found on our installation pages

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News/Releases (change details here)

29th January 2016, Version 1.3.34 New for 2016 Whitebeam now includes a 'known as' or 'alias' mechanism for contacts. The flexible infrastructure for this is ideal for applications which need to maintain multiple unique 'names' for a contact. Internal examples might be multiple emails addresses, and external could be unique identifier from third party applications as part of an integration. Other services have had minor enhancements and there have been a few bug fixes.

26th August 2015, Version 1.3.32 This release adds native JSON support to Whitebeam providing significant performance improvements making Whitebeam an ideal service end point for AJAX calls. Alpha channel manipulation in images has also been improved and there is one critical bug fix.

11th March 2015, Version 1.3.30 Major new functionality in this release includes support for compress/zip of binary objects, fully support for UTF-8 virtual hosts and a global town/city database along with a number of minor bug fixes.

19th October 2014, Version 1.3.27 Memory leak bug fixes, enhancement to file template to return linked contacts, fix to base64 encoding of emails, improve XML parser line tracking

4th June 2014, Version 1.3.25 64bit Linux now fully supported. Add support for hmac, encrypt and sign

24th April 2014, Version 1.3.24 Minor release adding auto-detect of UTF-8 character encoding on post-data. Also fixes a couple of bugs in the previous release.

17th February 2014, Version 1.3.23 Major new functionality in this release allows applications to more easily adopt 'standard' client side JavaScript libraries into their server-side environments. This also potentially allows adoption of NodeJS modules.

21st August 2013, Version 1.3.21 This release fixes a problem with the scheduler template and a couple of bugs in the JavaScript to XML mapping logic.

22nd July 2013, Version 1.3.20 Minor bug-fix release.

8th May 2013, Version 1.3.18 Enhancements and bug-fixes to the scheduler template and audit template. Bug fix to the Whitebeam Shell. Fix to slow memory leak in the Contact template.

29th December 2012, Version 1.3.16 A fairly major functional update to complete a busy 2012 for Whitebeam. This release includes major functional updates to the recent scheduler along with enhancements to contact and file managements. On top of this we've squashed a number of small bugs that people have reported over the last few months.

28th September 2012, Version 1.3.14 Hot on the heals of 1.3.12 this release adds a number of utility functions to the previous release and adds support for SFTP file transfer. The file template can now store arbitrary 'meta data' about the stored file data and maintains a 'last modified' timestamp.

24th September 2012, Version 1.3.12 Significant changes to the chat server component to allow Facebook like chat to be implemented. Updates to the file template support application storage of large files and the contact template has been modified to allow change tracking. There have been a number of other less significant changes in this release.

14th June 2012, Version 1.3.10 is a bugfix release of 1.3.9 which included significant enhancements to the Whitebeam framework by adding date/time based scheduling and calendaring services to the system via the new 'schedule' template.

4th June 2012, Version 1.3.9 is a significant enhancement to the Whitebeam framework by adding date/time based scheduling and calendaring services to the system via the new 'schedule' template.

28th December 2011, Version 1.3.7 brings the last release for 2011. This release tidies up some loose ends with SMTP DSN processing, makes the Whitebeam Shell (wbsh) more flexible and adds an additional search field to catalogue items.

9th December 2011, Version 1.3.6 has now been released hot on the heals of 1.3.5. This release brings significant enhancements to the way Whitebeam manages user sessions.

1st December 2011, Version 1.3.5 has now been released. This release includes significant enhancements to Whitebeam including significant changes to the SMTP interface making Whitebeam an ideal platform for web-applications providing email marketing tools.

4th May 2011 : Whitebeam 1.3.4 released. The 1.3.4 release includes significant new functionality including a new 'postcode' template which is capable of taking and translating regional postcodes into longitude/latitude pairs along with significant enhancements to the contact template to allow radius based location searches.

12th February 2011 : Whitebeam 1.3.2 released. Two minor bug fixes noticed after the 1.3.1 release last month.

12th January 2011 : Whitebeam 1.3.1 released. Fixed a number of bugs reported on the previous release of Whitebeam. Added support for array parameters from formdata. This release will create JavaScript arrays for form parameters named with square brackets (eg 'foo[]').

17th April 2010 : Whitebeam 1.2.2 released. Major functional updates in this release include : integration of the latest SpiderMonkey engine, supporting JavaScript 1.7; enhancement to the native Postgres Interface allowing parametized substitution; Re-write of the HttpRequest class to use libcurl - allowing support for HTTPS; Improvements in the SmtpRequest class error reporting; Improvements to PostgreSQL database replication; support xmltag.innerHTML and xmltag.innerXML.

18th October 2007 : Whitebeam 1.1.5 released. This is a major update following several years continual development. Performance has been improved significantly and functionality extended to include graphic manipulation, 'chat' server templates, audit trail support amongst others. The biggest non-code change has been a move to a BSD style license paving the way into wider application development and adoption.

5th October 2005 : Whitebeam 0.9.37 released. Significant improvements in the contact and catalogue templates. New template to handle 'site' (global) data, providing a more efficient replacement for this common scenario other than using the catalogue template or storing the data in files! This release fixes several minor issues, including a fix to the PostgreSQL database replication engine that prevented it building on Fedora Core 3 installations.

14th April 2005 : Whitebeam 0.9.35 released. Major release. The build system has been substantially revamped to remove dependancies on the Apache source tree. Building is now significantly easier! This version has been tested with Postgres 8.0.1. Postgres replication is now supported, and the distribution includes a high speed alternative to the script from Postgres. The file template has been re-written to remove the use of Postgres Large Objects (necessary to enable replications).

31st December 2004 : Whitebeam 0.9.32 released. This version further enhances Whitebeams SQL interface to the excellent PostgreSQL database. Support for a new XML tag : rb:insertblock has been added as the result of user feedback. This release also fixes a seroius bug in the context server (session manager) and all existing users are recommended to upgrade to this release.

This is also the first release that has been tested against version 8 of the Postgres database. Previous releases have been tested against version 7 only.

29th September 2004 : Whitebeam 0.9.30 released. *Major* enhancements. This release adds two important features to Whitebeam. The first is a raw Postgres interface allowing applications to create and access Postgres databases on the fly. We've written a detailed technical note on the Postgres API. The second is write access to the virtual servers file system. There have been a number of minor improvements both to the code and to the build system.

5th August 2004 : Whitebeam 0.9.28 released. Improvements to the build system to allow build on recent Linux distributions. New experimental templates. Performance improvements.

29 June 2004 : New Whitebeam template to interface with Analog web stats analysis package. This template allows web developers using Whitebeam to provide their clients with graphical web-stats withouth them having to install applications or download log files. Support is included in CVS now and will be released shortly with documentation in the 0.9.28.

2 January 2004 : Whitebeam 0.9.27 released. Both the contact and catalogue/directory templates have been significantly enhanced to provide better search, sort and select facilities. This is also the first release to include the new Sempahore template.

22 July 2003 : New 'Semaphore' template under CVS. This will appear in the 0.9.25 release for those not using CVS.

22 July 2003 : Whitebeam 0.9.24 released. Mainly a bug-fix release this time. Clearing the decks ready for a more functional release shortly! It's in the download area Downloads.

7 Feb 2003 : Whitebeam 0.9.23 released. Improvements to the templates, XPath and a number of bug fixes. It's in the download area Downloads.

1 Jan 2003 : The XPath testbed has been improved. This tool allows you to experiment with XPath expressions live and serves to illustrate some of the XML characteristics of Whitebeam.

10 Dec 2002 : Whitebeam 0.9.22 is now available. This release minor functional changes and fixes to XPath and to the new SmtpRequest class introduced in 0.9.21. It's in the Downloads area.

19 Nov 2002 : Whitebeam 0.9.21 is now available. Major addition of SmptRequest - allowing complete control of SMTP e-mail messages. Also includes a number of bug fixes to both the code and the build environment. Comments and bug reports are encouraged! It's in the Downloads area.

19 Nov 2002 : SmtpRequest Class added to the Presentation Engine allowing the creation of multipart email messages and avoiding the message size limit of the message template. Details in the tutorial section.

11 Aug 2002 : Whitebeam 0.9.20 is now available, this is 1.0 release candidate 4. Improvements to error handling and file access. Comments and bug reports are encouraged if you want to see issues fixed before 1.0! It's in the Downloads area.

27 Jan 2002 : Whitebeam 0.9.18 is now available, this is 1.0 release candidate 3. The most noteable change is the move to an 'autoconf' build system. Comments and bug reports are encouraged if you want to see issues fixed before 1.0! It's in the Downloads area.

17 Nov 2001 : Whitebeam 0.9.16 is now available, this is 1.0 release candidate 2, containing several small bug fixes.

7 Nov 2001 : Bug tracker for Whitebeam now enabled on Sourceforge, please report problems there

7 Nov 2001 : Whitebeam 0.9.15 is now available, this version is considered 1.0 release candidate 1.

Details of past releases and their contents are available from the downloads area.

Please follow the About and Application Guide links to find out more about how Whitebeam will allow you to more rapidly develop dynamic www content

Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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