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Thanks to...

The Whitebeam project would like to thank the following for their contributions to the software platform.


Whitebeam was initially developed by Redbourne as part of its Redbourne IIA software architecture and hosted service.

As part of its commitment to Open Source, and the development of open XML based Internet applications, Redbourne contributed its source to the Whitebeam project under the BSD license.

In 2010 Redbourne was acquired by Mazars to form the core of their Employee Benefits group.


YellowHawk have taken over the lead on Whitebeam development over the last 10 years, donating time and effort into continually improving and developing the platform.

Started by the original Whitebeam system architect, Peter Wilson, YellowHawk is the best source of information on the Whitebeam platform. As well as using Whitebeam to provide web-based application development, YellowHawk provide consultancy for organisations wishing to deploy Whitebeam, or integrate portions of Whitebeam with their own applications.

You can contact YellowHawk via their web-site.


Whitebeam integrates with the excellent Apache 1.3.x+ web server's module structure to provide a complete web web solution.


Whitebeam embeds the Mozilla SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine to provide its server side scripting environment and object model


Powerful and fast Open Source database used to power some of the Whitebeam 'templates'

And everything else...

There are a whole host of other Open Source projects and infrastructure components without which it would be completely impossible to build a Whitebeam type system in any remotely feasible timescale

These include the operating systems that were used to develop and run it:

We also incorporate some of the OpenBSD Crypto code in our source tree in order to make the blowfish and other algorithms available when Whitebeam is compiled on a non OpenBSD platform (this code is Copyright variously David Mazieres <dm@lcs.mit.edu> & Niels Provos <provos@physnet.uni-hamburg.de> - see core/common/Crypto/*.[ch] for details and Copyright notice).

The tools used to develop and maintain it:

Service applications it integrates with:

Of course the above are only some of the immediately obvious components which have allowed us to build the software, there are almost certainly others we have not listed above. If you feel a software component should be credited here then let us know.

Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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