Installing Whitebeam (release 0.9.34 on)

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Installing Whitebeam (release 0.9.34 on)

Whitebeam is currently available in the following ways :

Linux RPM distribtion

From Whitebeam version 1.1.3, a source RPM distribution has been available that will allow you to build Whitebeam on compatible systems. This has been tested on Redhat versions of Linux.

Once you've build/installed from RPM you will then need to initialise a few components by hand - most specifically some Apache directives and the creation of a Postgres database.

Click here for more details on installing Whitebeam from RPM

Source distribution

For systems not supported by the RPM distribution, or where you want to compile with specific options then you can build from the sources.

Once built and installed you'll then have to configure Apache and initialise a suitable Postgres database for use by Whitebeam.

Click here for more details on building from source.

Windows distribution

An OLDER version of Whitebeam is currently available as a binary distribution for Microsoft Windows platforms (Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP).

The primary target for the Whitebeam module is Unix, the windows distribution is a port of that environment. The Windows distribution has not had the same level of use or testing as the Unix environment and as such should be considered an evaluation environment only at this time.

We're not currently making Whitebeam binaries available for Windows - primarily because of a lack of skill in this area. We'd love a little help from someone with some time available to update the Windows build environment including integrating with the Apache 2.x distributions.

Click here for more details on Whitebeam with Microsoft Windows.

Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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