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Whitebeam Object Definition

Interest Object Description

This class encapsulates the concept of an 'Interest Group' - or community in the Whitebeam Membership Services system. The system allows any number of such communities to be created. Individual members can then register their interests in those groups. The resulting membership/interest group model can then be searched - for example you could search the members of an music club for everyone interested in country and western music.

Behind the scenes the membership services model extends the Whitebeam 'Contact' template.

Each Interest Group may optionally have a message board associated with it - the message board allows members of that community to communicate with each other. The message board facility is implemented using the Whitebeam Message Group template.


Interest.constructor() Create a new JavaScript Interest object.
Interest.create() Create a new interest group.
Interest.save() Save changes to an existing interest group.
Interest.get() Attempts to load an interest groups information from the persistent store.
Interest.remove() Delete an interest group.
Interest.createMsgBoard() Create an associated message board.
Interest.hasMsgBoard() Check for message board.
Interest.get() Search the set of existing interest groups.
Interest.findMembers() Search for members that have registered for one or more interest groups.

Aggregate Types

Interest.searchFlags Flags controlling contact search operations

Object Properties

Name Type/Value Range/Length Description
IDnumber  Optional. A numeric ID for the Interest Group. If the class does not represent a new, or created group then this will contain -1.
uNamestring1-31 characters Optional. The unique name of the Interest Group.
namestring0-240 characters Optional. The display name for this interest group.
descriptionstring0-240 characters Optional. A 'user friendly' description for the interest group - describing for example why you, as a member, would wish to join the interest group.
customDataMetaData0-8192 characters total object size Optional. storage for formatted JavaScript objects. This allows the application developer to extend the initial design of the interest group model to satisfy individula customer requirements.

Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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