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Description of an event


The rb.schedule.eventDef struct has 15 elements:

Name Type/Value Range/Length Description
IDnumberpositive integer Optional, default = -1
The unique ID for this event record.
contactIDnumber0 or +ve integer Optional. Contact ID associated with (owner of) this event. There doesn't have to be an associated contact in which case this field will be zero (0). If there is a contactID then this scheduled event will be deleted if/when the associated contact record is deleted.
typestring  Optional. An optional string available to the application for filtering
statenumber  Optional. Numeric integer state field available to the application for action filtering
firstdateJavaScript Date object Optional. Date at which this event should first be scheduled
lastdateJavaScript Date object Optional. The latest date/time at which this event should first be scheduled
nextdateJavaScript Date object Optional. The scheduled date/time at which this event will next occur if it is active. 'null' otherwise.
periodstring  Optional.

The rate at which this event is to repeat. This is a string 'interval' and is expressed as:

number units [number units]*

where units is 'minute','hours','day','week','month','year','decade' or their plurals.


  • 1 month
  • 1 month 3 days
  • 4 years
durationstring  Optional. For (calendar) events that are scheduled to take a certain period of time (eg 3 days) this is the amount of time this event will last.
customDataMetaData  Optional. Application specific data associated with *this* event
actionIDnumber0 or +ve integer Optional. Reference to an action
firstWindowDatedateJavaScript Date object Optional. READ ONLY - returns the first calculated date within a date window when specified in an iterator request.
actionstruct actionDefsee definition Optional. READ ONLY - expanded data associated with this action returned in a search request. This data is only returned where allData has the appropriate flag set.
logbool  Optional. If 'true' then create a new log entry each time this eventis triggered
logBodybool  Optional. If 'true' (and 'log' is true) then when this event is triggered the template will store (up to 50K) of the HTTP response body in the log table.

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