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Community specific information


The rb.contact.communityData struct has 11 elements:

Name Type/Value Range/Length Description
IDnumberpositive integer Optional. A valid ID for an individual, must be set in a modify() call.
uNamestring1-31 characters Optional. The unique name of the community. Used in Whitebeam tags to implement access control functions
namestring0-240 characters Optional. A general text field that normally holds the name of the community.
descriptionstring0-240 characters Optional. A general text field that normally holds the description of the community
customDataMetaData0-200K characters total object size Optional. storage for formatted JavaScript objects
relevancenumberpositive integer Optional. Read only field. Returned as part of iterator search for keyword relevance. Returns number of keywords matched by this record
keywordsstring  Optional. Plain text field intended to store search words or stemmed search words
valuenumberinteger Optional. Arbitrary field value. Most useful for creating a weighted search order within a result set.
modifiedTimedateJavaScript Date object Optional. The date/time at which this contact record was last changed. This field is usually automatically updated by the system on create/modify requests. This behaviour can be over-ridden by the modifyTimestamp flag.

Available from version : 1.3.12

modifyTimestampbool  Optional.

This flag is used as follows:

  • If this flag is missing (not specified) the creating or modifying a contact record will cause the modifiedTime to be set to the current date/time.
  • If bit 1 is set then the modifiedTime flag will not be changed for modify requests

Other bits are reserved for future features and should be left 0.

Available from version : 1.3.12

dateTimedateJavaScript Date object Optional. An arbitrary date/time value that can store an application specific date (eg a date of birth). The result set can be constrained to a date range by specifying minDateTime and maxDateTime in the search request.

Available from version : 1.3.28

Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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