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Type used to specify an arc and right-hand point when updating arc definitions


The rb.collection.arcDef struct has 6 elements:

Name Type/Value Range/Length Description
rightTypestring  Required. The type of the right-hand point on this arc. Options are 'C' (contact), 'N' (catalogue node), 'I' (catalogue item)
rightIDnumber  Required. The ID of the entity at the right hand end of this arc
subTypestringmax 30 characters Required. An optional field that allows applications to record a short 'filter' string. This string if specified can then be used as part of a quey using 'arcGet'.
relationDataMetaData  Optional. A link record represents a relationship between the collection owner and the target. This field allows the application to store application specific data that describes in more detail information about the relationship between the owner and the member
opstringU, C, T, D Optional, default = U
Operation to perform on this arc. Default is 'U' (update) which means change an existing record if it exists, or create a new record if not already present. 'C' (create) means create if not existing, but don't change an existing record. 'D' means remove an existing record. 'T' (touch) behaves exactly the same as 'C' where an arc doesn't exist however if the row does exist then only attribute changes is the timestamp.
timestampnumber  Optional. A new value for the timestamp field held against this record. Generally it is not expected that applications will need to change the timestamp manually however this is useful for configuring test data sets. The timestamp is expressed as the number of milli-seconds since epoch and so is compatible with JavaScript. You may set this field safely to a JavaScript date : (rec.timestamp = new Date(2010,5,21)). This field is only used if changeTimestamp is set to true (the default).

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