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rb.page Object Description
(system Template)

The rb.page object encaspulates the behaviour required to generate client side web pages. The object provides facilities to read data presented by the browser, interrogate the browser environment, store and track user sessions etc.

The functionality represented by the page object is divided into a number of sub-objects, each with a specialised behaviour.


rb.page.cookie Manipulate Client-Side Coodies
rb.page.env Access to operational browser environment.
rb.page.session Track client-side sessions and session data


rb.page.eval() Result of executing some JavaScript
rb.page.global() Return the global object
rb.page.abspath() Calculate an absolute local URL from a relative URL.
rb.page.attribute() Find an XML attribute.
rb.page.attributes() Access the XML attributes for the tag currently being evaluted.
rb.page.cache() Allows the web page to specify whether stations on the network should cache this page.
rb.page.modified() Allows Pattern Page to specify when the page being viewed was last modified.
rb.page.formdata() Access parameters passed to the Presentation Page from a remote Web Browser.
rb.page.getHeader() Access the contents of HTTP headers presented by the remote browser.
rb.page.iterateHeader() Access the contents of HTTP headers presented by the remote browser.
rb.page.postdata() Returns the raw, unencoded contents of the POST data provided by a client browser.
rb.page.redirect() The server returns the output of another page to the user.
rb.page.sendHTTPheaders() Force all HTTP headers to be sent to the browser now.
rb.page.setMimeType() Set the mime-type that should be returned with the output of this page.
rb.page.format() Format values using a format string.
rb.page.write() Write dynamic content to the browser.
rb.page.fwrite() Format output to browser.
rb.page.writeraw() Write dynamic content directly to the browser
rb.page.writeheader() Add a specific HTTP header to the outgoing HTTP document.
rb.page.HTTPreturn() Specify an HTTP result code to return to the client.
rb.page.sleep() Put this instance of the Presentation Engine to sleep for a period
rb.page.clientData() Return the client ID and instance of the currently executing site
rb.page.buildxml() Build an XML tree from XML source code. DEPRECATED!!.
rb.page.tagtree() Create a JavaScript representation of an XML subtree. DEPRECATED.

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rb.page.headerinfo This definition is used by 'rb.page.iterateHeader'
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