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Whitebeam Object Definition

Member Object Description

This class encapsulates the core concept of a community 'member' as defined by the Whitebeam Membersip Services model. An instance of this class represents a member of some arbitrary community. A community may have any number of memebers, each identified by a unique name and ID.


Member.constructor() Create a new JavaScript Member object.
Member.create() Create a new member.
Member.get() Load a members details.
Member.get() Search the membership records.
Member.save() Save changes to an existing member.
Member.remove() Delete a member permanently from the membership system.
Member.isMember() Is the contact record a valid member record?
Member.convertContactToMember() Convert a contact template record into a member.
Member.addInterest() Register member for interest group.
Member.remInterest() Remove a member from an interest group.
Member.getInterests() Return the list of interest groups to which this member has subscribed.

Aggregate Types

Member.searchFlags Flags controlling contact search operations

Object Properties

Name Type/Value Range/Length Description
IDnumber  Optional. A numeric ID for the member. If the class does not represent a new, or created member then this will contain -1.
uNamestring1-31 characters Optional. The unique name of the Member. Used in Whitebeam tags to implement access control functions
namestringread-only Optional. A concatenation of title, first_name, initial and surname fields. Autogenerated.
titlestring  Optional. Title or honorific of the individual. eg 'Mr', 'Miss', 'Dr'
first_namestring  Optional. First name.
initialstring  Optional. Initial of any middle names
surnamestring  Optional. Surname of the member.
parentnumberread-only Optional. Setting this field in a modify or create has no effect. The valid ID of the parent OU.
phonestring0 - 32 characters Optional. Phone number as ASCII digits.
faxstring0 - 32 characters Optional. Fax number as ASCII digits.
descriptionstring0-240 characters Optional. A general text field that normally holds the description of the contact object
emailstring0 - 240 characters Optional. Email address.
addr1string  Optional. Address line 1
addr2string  Optional. Address line 2
addr3string  Optional. Address line 3
addr4string  Optional. Address line 4
post_codestring  Optional. Postal system code.
countrystring  Optional. Country to which the address applies.
genderstring  Optional. 'm' or 'f'
mobilestring  Optional. Mobile telephone number
customDataMetaData0-8192 characters total object size Optional. storage for formatted JavaScript objects. This allows the application developer to extend the initial design of the interest group model to satisfy individula customer requirements.

Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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