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Redbourne Sample Applications - Introduction

Sample Applications

Redbourne sample applications are put together to make it easy for you to implement your Client's application. Each one is self-contained, all you need to do is download the zipped file which includes the overview document and all the rhtm/html files in the correct directory structure. If you unzip into a local directory and then upload to your test area on the Redbourne system they will work without any modification. You can also try the applications out (but not modify them) here on the Redbourne server.

The layout and format of the documentation for each application is consistent and explained in detail in this document.

You are free to use and modify these examples in your own applications under the terms of this license.

Available Application Examples



example1 - browser based access control

This example shows how to quickly provide access control to any application based on browser names and passwords. A management application enables user names and passwords to be created, modified and deleted.

example2 - programmatic access control with logout

This example provides the same facilities as example 1 but driven by Pattern page JavaScript rather than automatically by the browser. This enables greater control of the presentation aspects of access control and the ability to explicity logout.

example3 - user self registration

This example can be combined with either example 1 or 2 to provide a user with the ability to register themselves with a site in order to gain access.

example4 - XML Processing

This is an advanced example that shows how to process an XML file, in this case it is the glossary system that is on the Redbourne main website.

example5 - Creating web site menus

This is a complete example of the many different ways Redbourne Macro tags support the creation of web site menu structures.

example6 - Basic Template Usage Examples

This example application uses many of the common catalogue and contact template calls. Here, categories, containers and items can be created and linked. Also, individuals, communities and Organised Units (OUs) and can be created and linked.

widgets - useful files and code fragments

This is not a complete application but a collection of useful files and code fragments that could help you develop your applications. Both the useful and the difficult are to be found here!

Content Management Skeleton Application

This example ties together the components and services of from the other examples along with some additional modules to provide an entire online content management facility. The skeleton site allows non-technical persons to edit web pages online, upload documents. It includes the ability to manage users and permissions, an electronic press room and many other key community site elements.

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