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Current TODO list...

+ Split RPM into two separate packages none yet...Outstanding
- Document PHP/ASP/JSP equivalent Whitebeam installation:

The Whitebeam distribution effectively comprises two elements : 1) core web-application server that provides XML, Server-Side JavaScript and page construction logic ; 2) a set of application templates that encapsulate in a secure way high-level application logic.

The former element - the core engine - is very easy to configure and install and provides a development environment that would be very familiar to PHP/ASP/JSP developers, but with the benefit of a robust server-side Javascript engine, familiar to client-side developers world-wide.

The templates provide great benefits but are by many seen as a barrier to deployment and also as Whitebeam trying to "do too much".

To ease this perception we'd like to develop some simple installation instructions for those people wishing to install the core and then build/port alternative application frameworks.

+ Unbundle SpiderMonkey none yet...Outstanding
+ Improve the build system one47complete
+ Port to Apache 2.x.x one47complete
+ Multi-threading none yet...deferred
+ Raw mySQL Interface peterw8102deferred
+ Raw Postgres SQL Interface peterw8102Complete
+ Local File 'Write' access peterw8102Complete
Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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