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Current TODO list...

- Split RPM into two separate packages:

The RPM distribution for Whitebeam contains the complete system. This covers both the core Whitebeam Engine and the data storage templates.

The core engine is very much analogous to current alternative technologies such as PHP, JSP and ASP/.NET. The templates are analogous to some of the libraries built on-top of those systems - for example PEAR-DB in the case of PHP.

Although the templates add a lot of functionality, including the ability to efficiently write sophisticated applications without recourse to SQL, it seems to be a barrier to Whitebeam deployment.

For those people that would rather 'roll their own' frameworks under a robust Server-Side Javascript environment the intention is to split Whitebeam into two separately installable packages - postgres-core and postgres-templates.

In the mean time documentation will be added around a simplified Whitebeam installation.

none yet...Outstanding
+ Document PHP/ASP/JSP equivalent Whitebeam installation peterw8102Outstanding
+ Unbundle SpiderMonkey none yet...Outstanding
+ Improve the build system one47complete
+ Port to Apache 2.x.x one47complete
+ Multi-threading none yet...deferred
+ Raw mySQL Interface peterw8102deferred
+ Raw Postgres SQL Interface peterw8102Complete
+ Local File 'Write' access peterw8102Complete
Whitebeam release 1.3.36
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